Welcome to Parkside Credit Union! We are proud to be a Michigan nonprofit organization since 1953. Parkside Credit Union offers unequivocal benefits and services to its members. With no hidden fees, competitive deposit dividend rates, and low loan rates, we help our members afford their dreams. Parkside offers 350+ local surcharge free ATMs, and the convenience of free online, mobile, and text solutions.

One Share Makes You an Owner

When you become a credit union member, you become an owner. Your initial deposit of $5 into your savings account secures your ownership.

Each member is entitled to one vote during elections at the annual meeting, and you may also serve your credit union as a volunteer on the Board of Directors.

Click here to view Parkside's 2022 Annual Report.

Benefits of a Credit Union

  • No hidden fees
  • Very low interest rates on loans
  • Higher dividends earned on savings and deposits
  • Access to fee-free ATMs

Board of Directors

Chair, Josh Burgett

Vice Chair, Chelsea Page

Director, Tom Butman

Treasurer, Tim Denton

Associate Director, Chelsea Eisele

Director, Brigitte Fawaz-Anouti

Director, Neil Fernandes

Director, Doris Graham

Director, Jacob Inosencio

Associate Director, Stu Kail

Directors Emeritus, Jerry Miller

Director, Regina Pinney

Directors Emeritus, Richard Pokerwinski

Secretary, Jo Ann Rand

Director, Mike Rawson

Director, Karen Richard

Director, Bill Sackett

Associate Director, Yvette Wilkie

Senior Leadership

President / CEO, Chrissy Siders

Executive Vice President /Chief Integration Officer, Janet Thompson

Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Matley

Chief Risk Officer, Brandi Cole

Chief Member Experience Officer, Heather Colonius

Chief Community Impact Officer, Sarah Ermatinger

Chief People Officer, Heather Harback

Chief Growth & Lending Officer, Valerie Moskal

Chief Financial Officer, Lance Schnitkey