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In today's plugged-in world, we know there are few times you'll be without internet access. But when a natural disaster strikes, or your friend uses all your data watching cat videos, you can still access your accounts through telephone banking.

  • Fast, free, simple convenience for Parkside members
  • Access to your credit union only a phone call away
  • Perfect for times when a computer or branch isn't nearby
  • Access account information 24/7 via any touch-tone phone (including your cell phone):
    • Calculate or make a loan payment
    • Check account balances
    • See if checks have cleared
    • Transfer funds between accounts
    • Request a check to be mailed to your address
    • Get your loan payoff amount
    • And more!


  1. Using your touch-tone phone, call 866.554.1584
  2. You will be asked to enter your member number. Then press the # key. Next you will be prompted to enter your PIN followed by the # key. (First time users – your PIN number will be the last four digits of your social security number. You will be asked to change your PIN after your first login.)
  3. From this point, the procedure will vary based on the transaction you wish to complete.
  4. When you have finished your transaction, simply end the call.


  • Press the # key when asked. This signals CU*Talk to act upon your entry
  • Keep your PIN number confidential. This protects your privacy and keeps others from gaining access to your accounts
  • When entering dollar amounts, decimals are not required. For example, you would enter $25.00 as 2500
  • Be extra careful when entering your PIN and member number. Entering a PIN incorrectly three times will disable access to that account through telephone banking. If this happens, contact the credit union for reactivation.

Menu Options

Main Menu

1 – Account inquiries, including balances and a list of recent transactions

2 – Perform money transactions, including transfers

3 – Hear current CU rates or calculate estimated loan payments

4 – Change your telephone banking PIN

5 – Change to a different member number

6 – Other CU services, including location and hours

8 – Repeat this menu

9 – End the call

0 – Hear the tutorial (Press 1 to be connected to a credit union associate when prompted)

Common Extensions

Savings: 000

Classic Checking: 003

Christmas Clubs: 009

Money Market: 111

Insurance Account: 007

Certificate and loan codes are printed on your statement.