How to Break Up With Your Phone

Published: 03/14/2021

Most Americans check their phones at least once every 11 minutes. In a word, smartphones are addictive. So, are you ready to break up with your phone?

First, use an app like Moment to track the time you spend on your phone. The numbers may shock you. Once you have this info, use it to set restrictions on phone use.

Next, start leaving your phone at home when you meet up with friends. Socializing IRL totally kicks what you can do on-screen.

Be brave and ban your phone from your bedroom—it can really kill the quality of your shut-eye.

Start dining away from screen, and eat more mindfully.

Finally, consider deleting a social media app — or all of them! You can check out your pages on your laptop each evening instead of constantly refreshing them throughout the day.

Break free of your phone and regain control of your life!

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