Relationship Rewards

Relationship Rewards… One Program, Twice the Rewards!

Parkside Credit Union’s Relationship Rewards is a program that rewards you, our members for making Parkside CU your primary financial partner.

As a cooperative, Parkside depends on the participation of all member owners to remain financially healthy as a community based credit union. Member participation enables us to provide you with the best services available. Most importantly, your participation earns you rewards.

Enjoying the benefits of Relationship Rewards is easy. The more products and services you use the more points you earn, the greater the reward.

Platinum level benefits are awarded to members who choose to use more credit union services and accumulate at least 350 points per month.
Gold level benefits are awarded to members who use Parkside Credit Union products and services to accumulate at least 250 points per month.
Silver level benefits are given to members who accumulate 100-249 points per month.
Basic level benefits are given to members who accumulate 99 points or less per month.

It’s easy to earn rewards – the more products and services you have with us, the more points you earn, the more rewards you receive. Rewards that include things like free money orders, free coin processing, overdraft transfer and more.  Fill out this worksheet and see how you benefit from your share and loan balances. You also earn points for the other products and services you utilize.

As an Added Bonus…

On a monthly basis we calculate your Relationship Rewards benefit level, and you’re able to see what level you are and how many points you have earned that month on your Parkside CU Statement or via It’s Me 24/7, where you can log in to learn just how easy it is to earn even more points.

These points do more than just determine your benefit level they are also converted to rewards points that you can redeem to waive fees, reverse fees, save money on loans, and more.

Dormant Account Fee Refund (per month) 500 Safe Deposit Box (sm. 3×5)* 500
Out of network ATM Transactions 500 ODP Transfer Fee Refund 500
Coin Processing 750 Safe Deposit Box (med. 3×10 or 5×5)* 750
VISA Gift Card Fee 1,000 Plastic Card PIN# Replacement 1,000
Safe Deposit Box (lg. 5×10)* 1,000 Transaction History Printout 1,000
Money Order 1,000 Cashier’s Check 1,000
Temporary Checks (per 4) 1,000 Check Copy (per copy) 1,000
Monthly Statement Copy (per month) 1,000 Replacement Plastic (debit or credit) 1,500
Quick‐Ship Plastic (debit or credit) 1,500 Wire Transfer 1,500
Membership Close & Transfer 2,000 Basic Box of Checks 2,000
Non‐Sufficient Funds (NSF) Refund 2,500 Returned Item Refund 2,500
ODP Item Fee Refund 2,500 Stop Payment Refund 2,500
.25% Auto Loan Discount (new loans only) 2,500**

*Safe Deposit Box fee waived through remainder of current term. Term runs August 1 – July 31.
**Cannot be combined with any other interest reducing offer. Not for existing Parkside loans and only available at loan closing. A floor rate will apply.
Point Redemptions can be requested verbally or in writing.

How can you improve your relationship?

The best way to increase your rewards level and your benefits is to add or use more services at the credit union. Consider these possibilities:

  • Sign up for an electronic service (like E-Statements, Bill Payment or Online Banking)
  • Refinance your vehicle from another financial institution
  • Apply for a Parkside CU Visa® Credit Card
  • Open an IRA or Share Certificate

Click here for Relationship Rewards Worksheet
Click here for Parkside CU Fee Schedule

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